Waimanalo Bay – May It Never Change

My post today is short, because very few words are needed to make the point.

My absolute favorite beach on Oahu, and one of my favorite beaches in the entire world, is the beach at Waimanalo Bay.

And here is why:

Waimanalo Bay is home to a long (more than three miles long) beach, crystal clear turquoise waters, and the softest white sand I have ever felt.


Waimanalo Bay. Not enough to convince you?


It is also fringed by the breathtaking vertical cliffs of the Ko’olau Mountains.


View of the Ko’olau Mountains.

View of Waimanalo Beach.

View of Waimanalo Beach.


At the end of the bay, are the absolutely scenic Na Mokulua islands, which with a little upper body strength, can be reached by sea kayak. The smaller of the islands is a bird sanctuary, and it is off-limit to visitors.  There is decent snorkeling and frequently great waves for bodysurfing or boogie boarding. I have even managed to swim with the sea turtles in the heavenly waters.


waimanalopanorama (1)

Panorama of Waimanalo Bay.


All of these things make Waimanalo Bay an undeniably special place. But what makes my love of Waimanalo soar, is that a place so beautiful can still be enjoyed in the presence of minimal crowds. The beaches are inexplicably bare most days of the week.  And on weekends, it is never so crowded that the experience becomes unbearable.  In fact, if you arrive close to sunset on a Saturday night, you still have a fair chance at finding tranquility in paradise.




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