Mysterious Lady Muses 3

Photographer couple Kayt Silvers and TJ Bynes specialize in dreamy, otherworldly images. Their series “Lost and Found” is a collection of adventurous lady muses. There is often a voyeuristic feel to the series, as though you have accidentally glimpsed one of those fleeting, transformative moments that only happens in solitude, in places unknown.


Kayt-Silvers-Crystal-Brook1 copy 2

Tarmac, Model: Shaylyn Riane


Kayt-Silvers-Sondra-Houghton7-crop copy

Endless Woods, Model: Sondra Christenson



Sail Away


Kayt-Silvers-Taylor-Broadmeadow-Brook-1 copy

Through the Woods, Model: Taylor Rampe


Kayt-Silvers-NicoleWaterShoot5 copy

Sweet Summer, Model: Nicole Andrianna


Kayt-SIlvers-Promises-to-keep4 copy

Promises to Keep, Model: Morgan Berard


Kayt-Silvers-Sarah-Daffodils copy

Jonquil, Model: Sarah Lamson


To see more of their work, check out their website or Facebook page.


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